The Lifeguards of S.E.P. Esports are highly qualified and experienced professionals in water rescue, both pools and beaches. We provide technicians certified by the only competent academic organization to certify in Spain: Middle and Upper Cycles of Lifesaving, whose training is constantly updated following the new regulations and lifesaving systems through our in-house courses, among which you can find the Semi-Automatic & Automatic Defibrillator training course (DESA and DEA).

The profile of our lifeguards is young, dynamic, with a good physical training, responsible, kind, hardworking and thoughtful workers.

we continuously study the needs of the users and the space.

Our company is committed to provide the best service to our customers at their facilities. Therefore, we continuously study the needs of the users and the space; we schedule and plan the timetables and working methods and we make a preliminary assessment of the workers to avoid the trial period for the contracting company.

In addition, we program continued visits to the centers to check and evaluate the evolution of the employees, solve any possible problems, change working methods if needed, etc., and thereby adapt ourselves to the needs of customers.

S.E.P. Esports operates throughout the country and is the company supplying the Lifeguards for the Association of Campsites of Girona.

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