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We are in S.E.P. Esports experts in the field of fitness and personal training. Our employees are specialized in different working methods, in order to meet all expectations that guests may have, helping them with maximum security and more efficiency. Our trainers and coaches are Licensed in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport (by INEF in Spain), Graduates in Sport and Physical Activities or they did specific Masters for Personalized Physical Training. Furthermore they are continuously being trained to be the best in their field and they are pioneers in the use of the most innovative and efficient methods of training in the world of Fitness (Pilates, Abs Hipopresivas, CROSSFIT …).

We offer a service to all those who want to become part of the professional forces of Fireman, Local Police, Civil Guard, National Police Autonomous Police or Guardia Urbana and to all the people who have a specific and personal goal including losing weight, gaining weight, rehabilitation after a trauma, improving fitness condition, increase muscle volume, pregnancy preparation, postpartum, tone, high performance, postural correction, races training like marathon, triathlon, ironman, etc.

Moreover we count with a Team of Nutritionists and Physiotherapists to offer the most complete personal training or to meet other needs of our customers.

S.E.P. Esports is concerned about the health and welfare of each one of our customers, so we plan, organize and implement personalized follow up routines, diets and sessions of our employees.

If you need a food routine, physically prepare for your own welfare, achieve some personal goal or you just want to be fit, send us your personal details and explain briefly what you want help with, and we will contact you in the shortest possible time.

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